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Sarah Lazare is a staff writer for AlterNet. A former staff writer for Common Dreams, she coedited the book About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War. Follow her on Twitter [email protected] subscribe to Sarah Lazare's feed

Posted on: Feb 17, 2017, Source: AlterNet

The vaguely-worded legislation would mandate that DHS agents interrogate children as young as 11 years old.

Posted on: Feb 16, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Three families are slated for deportation Friday, including a 19-year-old and her toddler.

Posted on: Feb 15, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Legal professionals are throwing their weight behind Friday's call for a mass strike.

Posted on: Feb 14, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Trump is reportedly advancing an extreme measure targeting major Muslim groups.

Posted on: Feb 13, 2017, Source: AlterNet

The U.S. military has repeatedly dodged responsibility for war crimes committed during its protracted occupation.

Posted on: Feb 12, 2017, Source: AlterNet

While the new executive orders are largely bluster, there is reason to be concerned about the policies that could emerge.

Posted on: Feb 10, 2017, Source: AlterNet

As demonstrations multiply, some say it's time to withhold labor.

Posted on: Feb 8, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Childcare collectives across the country are forming the backbone of resistance movements.

Posted on: Feb 7, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Forced expulsions, family incarceration and border militarization all expanded under the Obama administration.

Posted on: Feb 2, 2017, Source: AlterNet

As millions take to the streets, many elected officials are acquiescing on Trump nominees.

Posted on: Jan 26, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Movements are demanding material safety and well-being for all people under attack.

Posted on: Jan 24, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Peter Newsham was implicated in a mass arrest and abuse scandal more than a decade ago.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2017, Source: AlterNet

More than 200 people mass arrested in Washington, D.C. facing up to 10 years in prison.

Posted on: Jan 20, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Activists and concerned members of the public put their bodies on the line Friday to resist the 45th president.

Posted on: Jan 19, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Seven were arrested after confronting the Arizona senator at his office Thursday.

Posted on: Jan 18, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos is a champion of the school privatization movement.

Posted on: Jan 17, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Obama administration commutes majority of sentence following sustained pressure from social movements.

Posted on: Jan 17, 2017, Source: AlterNet

The vice president-elect will face glitter, rainbow suspenders and fierce resistance.

Posted on: Jan 15, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Communities of color in Chicago meticulously documented the CPD's pattern of racist violence.

Posted on: Jan 14, 2017, Source: AlterNet

Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, is one of six religious clergy invited to give a reading.