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Trump Has Already Raised a Staggering Amount of Money for His Reelection

His campaign never ended.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump filed paperwork to launch his 2020 reelection bid on inauguration day, making him the only incumbent president in at least 38 years to start a second run for office before the midterms. Among the many benefits of such an early filing is that it allows Trump and his team to keep their fundraising machine humming, and to campaign straight through the next four years. Politico reports that the strategy is already working as seemingly planned, with three Trump committees netting a cool $11 million in December.

Those PACs—Donald J. Trump for President, Trump Make America Great Again Committee and Trump Victory—have kept operations going even as their candidate took office, spending $1.7 million on staff and services needed to continue adding donors and voter names to their internal lists. According to Politico, “Trump plans to keep his Manhattan-based campaign headquarters in operation with a skeletal campaign staff in order to maintain and build his list and raise money during his presidency. That’s something of a departure from other recent presidents, who have tended to roll their political operations into their respective national party committees.”

Among the companies that continued to profit from the never-ending Trump campaign in December were businesses owned by Trump. After his unexpected election win, FEC filings show Trump paid his companies an additional $204,000. Politico notes that the “majority of that $131,000—was for a rent payment for the campaign’s offices in Trump Tower.”

Though Trump has been in office less than two weeks, there have already been numerous marches in opposition to his presidency in cities around the country and the globe. In order to counter those voices of dissent, a group of six Trump campaign aides recently announced the foundation of a nonprofit called America First Policies. In tandem with this administration’s ongoing fundraising, the group will dedicate itself to pushing Trump’s agenda and expanding his base of support.

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

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