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9 Signs You Should Get Back Together With Your Ex, Who Is Maybe Probably Your Soulmate

Good luck, confused lovebirds!

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While it can be hard to tell whether or not your favorite ex was The One That Got Away And Now You’re Maybe Screwed Because They Were Your Soulmate And Now You Have No Soulmates Which Sucks In Theory, there are a few signs you should get back together with your ex who is maybe/probably your soulmate. And before you act like you don’t have one of these exes, I call bullshit. Everyone has that ex they still think about sometimes (or all the time) in that way that’s like, “Well, if all else fails, I guess that ex was my soulmate. Haha. Oh well! Dying alone sounds chill too.” But in reality you’re like, “Wait, were they my soulmate? And if they were, do I need to like win them back, or let them know they should try and win me back ASAP because of the whole soulmate situation?”

Granted, if you do give it another shot, are you going to immediately find out that yes, destiny was right and you’re fated lovers from another time? Or, will you instead be reminded of the too many to name reasons why you ended things in the first place (but really, if you tried, you could def name at least like 12 things)? There’s only one way to find out.

You think about them all the time, like for real, all the time.

I’m the type of person who has a hard time letting people (and memories) go, so if you’re one of those people, this might not be the clincher sign you’re hoping for. However, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t usually think about an ex constantly post-breakup, maybe that’s because you’re so meant to be it’s nuts. Sometimes that’s how love works I think!

Your ex wants to get back together, and you don’t hate the idea of that. 

If anything, you’re a little bit like, “Hmm, that could be neat. Oh my god, that could be neat! That’s a huge thing for me to say!”

Your ex has done some actual work on their lives and now has slightly less hate-able qualities.

People don’t miraculously change without any effort, but if they’ve actually spent time clearing out some of the baggage you got way too tired of carrying, they might be worth another look. Plus, therapy is expensive and tough to fit into your schedule, so if they went through all that, they probably actually put in the work. See also:

You’re both finally in the same place in life. 

Sometimes timing just plain sucks. I have several relationships that sometimes make me wonder if they would’ve worked if we’d met later on, or been in the same city, or didn’t both have crazy jobs that didn’t let us spend time together. If your relationship falls into this category, I have hope for you. I do.

You still defend your ex when people talk shit about them.

Granted, this one can also mean you’re romanticizing your dirtbag ex, so just be aware of that possibility.

Your friends want you guys to get back together.

I can think of zero exes my friends want me to reunite with, so if you have one your friends are on board for, recognize this rarity.

You kept thinking you could do better, and now you’re like, “False!”

Now that you’ve been online and downloaded several apps, you can finally admit you had a good thing. Return there if they’ll let you.

You hate the idea of them dating someone else more than almost anything.

This isn’t actually true of all my exes. There are some where I wish they wouldn’t date anyone else, but also if they were dating someone else, I’d be like, “LOL, OK, have fun with all their fucking issues!!!” If your person is more like, “I don’t want them dating anyone else because I love them and I’m supposed to be with them,” count that as a +1 for a possible reconciliation.

The reason you broke up was kind of dumb.

And if you don’t even really remember why that was and the rest of the things on this list are ringing true, oh my god, run to them. Run.

Best of luck confused love birds.


Lane Moore is senior features editor at The Frisky, as well as a standup comedian, musician and filmmaker. 

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